Would you like to request a pentest (also known as a penetration test)? Then we invite you to read more about how we do this at Securesult. At the bottom of this page, you will also find an attractive offer to get acquainted with us.

With a pentest you gain insight into vulnerabilities in one or more computer systems in your network. Our experienced ethical hackers work according to a proven approach. You will receive a comprehensive report that you can work with immediately so that you can reduce the risks within your IT systems in time.

Your benefits

Experienced and certified ethical hackers

All our ethical hackers who carry out a pentest are certified and have the knowledge required to provide your organisation with good advice.

Insight into your security risks in 2 weeks

At the end of the pentest, you will have immediate insight into the risks within your IT system(s). This enables your organisation to take timely action against the risks that were found during the test.

Flexible pentesting

Based on our experience with previous pentests, we can think along with you about which pentest suits your situation best so that you get the result you expect.

Proven approach

Through our years of experience in conducting pentests, we have developed a proven method based on (inter)national standards. With this method, we can do a targeted analysis of the vulnerabilities and provide your organisation with a clear and practical roadmap to immediately address the vulnerabilities found during the pentest.


Securesult can help you with all kinds of pentesting. It does not matter if it is for your (web) application, infrastructure, mobile app or other components. For every situation, we can offer a suitable proposal for performing a pentest in your organisation.

Agile pentesting

Agile pen testing is carried out to provide insight into the security risks as early as possible. This can be done during the development phase of an application or system.

Compliance pentesting

There is often a need for a pentest in which a certain framework of norms is tested. Such as, for example, an ISO27001 (re)certification or a DigiD audit. The official report is necessary to give internal and external parties insight into the risks, the solutions and the recommendations.

Continuous pentesting

Continuous pentesting goes beyond the work of a pentester. Through automated pentesting you have continuous insight into possible vulnerabilities. The periodic checks by the CISO can also be included.

Our approach

The preparation

First of all, we determine the starting points and the scope of the penetration test to be performed in an intake interview with your organisation. We will make an offer based on this information. The planning is always agreed with you. We can usually start the penetration test within 14 days.

The execution

We carry out the pen tests on your premises. In this way, we gain the best mutual insight into the risks. We also experience that our presence contributes to the awareness of security risks.

The report

It is agreed beforehand whether a report is required and if so, in what form. From findings directly on the backlog of the DevOps team, to an official report with management summary.

The report can be written in Dutch or English.

White, grey or black box pentesting

We use various types of pentesting during the execution of a pentest. These are white, grey or black box pen tests. Which method(s) will be used during a pen test is discussed during the scope meeting. The test methods are explained in more detail below.

White box testing

White box test is often also called crystal box pentest. This means that the ethical hacker is given full access to the organisation’s network. In this way, the network can be tested on the basis of knowledge that is not available to external hackers.

Grey box testing

In this form of testing, the ethical hacker receives limited information about the organisation’s network. This way, a situation can be simulated where a malicious party has some degree of access to the network before launching an attack. In this situation, the ethical hacker may have user data such as documentation or credentials. This test can be used to find out to what extent a user can gain unauthorised access to the organisation’s IT environment.

Black box testing

During a black box pentest, the ethical hackers have little or no information about the organisation’s network. This is similar to a hacker trying to get into the network from the outside. This type of pentesting can, for example, find out if it is possible to bypass a login procedure from the outside.

To introduce you to our approach to pentesting, we offer a 10% discount on the first pen test carried out by us.

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