Cybersecurity Operations Platform (SOC/SIEM)

Securesult, powered by Cyrebro, is able to build up a dedicated Security Operations Center which is dedicated to innovation and focused on managing and responding to cyber incidents. The wide range of service offerings provides an end-to-end protection with all the benefits of a local SOC based on a innovative and intelligent SIEM

Securesult is a Leader in SOC/SIEM

Securesult SOC, powered by Cyrebro, is a team of highly skilled analysts whose goal is to detect and respond to cybersecurity incidents using a variety of technology solutions. The nature of Securesult interaction with customers makes it possible to comply with security regulations while keeping the information protected. Securesult SOC, powered by Cyrebro, provides security for customers around the world and is considered to be the best managed cyber security operation service in the Netherlands.

Securesult & Cyrebro partner together to cover the European region

The Cyrebro Platform manages all your security logs, extracting the vital security information you need to make the right security decisions. It drastically reduces workloads and increases productivity for IT and cybersecurity teams. 

Cyrebro integrates all your security tools, solutions, and technologies into a single platform, transforming cybersecurity information overload into visibility and meaningful context and clarity in real-time. Managed by the platform’s cyberbrain ™ which optimizes the threat-detection and alert process, you get a single, centralized view of all your cybersecurity incidents. You always know which threats affect which assets, how severely, and their root cause. 

Cyrebro connects to your current cyber solutions (and any solutions you may add in the future) and integrates all your security events with strategic monitoring, real-time incident response and proactive threat intelligence. So that you can optimally mitigate risks, the platform makes actionable recommendations, enabling you to make smart, fast, effective decisions. Our next gen interactive SOC Platform gives enterprises the world’s most advanced strategic monitoring, cyber analysis, and decision-making insights, previously available only to elite, high budget security operations centers. Now businesses can stay ahead of even the most sophisticated hackers with their own cybersecurity command center.