Breach and attack simulations are an advanced computer security testing method. These simulations identify vulnerabilities in security environments by mimicking the likely attack paths and techniques used by malicious actors.


Securesult is a Leader in BAS Domain

Traditional security control validation tactics can’t keep up with today’s challenges of a growing threat landscape, understaffed security teams, and ongoing enterprise transformation. To be effective, security teams need a holistic view of their security posture with the ability to easily integrate improvements into their existing ecosystems. Our team specializes in a variety of technological solutions, and promises to implement the best and safest solutions for our clients. We accompany our clients from the solution planning stages to the full implementation of the process.

Securesult & SafeBreach partner together to cover the Benelux region

SafeBreach is the industry’s first continuous security validation platform. Designed to provide a “hacker’s view” of an organization’s security posture, the SafeBreach platform enables modern enterprises to continuously and safely execute attacks, validate and optimize the efficacy of their security controls, and prioritize remediation efforts to mitigate the most critical gaps in their security before a breach occurs. With its Hacker’s Playbook™, the industry’s most extensive collection of attack data enabled by state-of-the-art threat intelligence research, SafeBreach empowers organizations to get proactive about security with a simple approach that replaces hope with real data and action.