Want to get ISO 27001 - ISO 27701 - NEN7510 certification?

Would you like to obtain an ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and/or NEN7510 certification? With an ISO certification, you can guarantee your customers that you take information security seriously and that you will always secure their data against theft or loss. In addition, an ISO certification can be an advantage in a tender process or when you want to win a contract with one of your customers.

Your benefits

Experienced and certified consultants

Our consultants who will guide your organisation through the process of obtaining ISO 27001 certification have the necessary knowledge and experience to provide you with sound advice and can think along with you about how the certification process can be brought to a successful conclusion.

ISMS simple and clear

We make the creation of an ISMS simple and clear. If you want to obtain ISO 27001 certification, we set up an environment for you in which all documentation is stored digitally. You will no longer have any loose ends and everything will be neatly arranged in one platform. This will make an external audit run more smoothly than when you use other methods to set up an ISMS.

No surprises afterwards

We always start a guidance process by performing a baseline measurement. We make clear where your organisation stands relating to the ISO 27001 standard. We also look at the knowledge, experience and available time of the people in your organisation in order to determine how much workload they can bear. By going through these steps in advance, you know where you stand and there are no surprises afterwards.

Proven approach

Through our years of experience in assisting organisations with the ISO 27001 certification, we have developed a proven method. With this method, we can make a targeted analysis of the findings regarding the standard and then draw up a clear and practical step-by-step plan so that the certification process will proceed as smoothly as possible and without too many additional costs.


Our experienced consultants can support you in obtaining your desired information security or privacy certification. The most well-known are listed below.

ISO 27001 certification (information security)

Your customers will increasingly demand that your organisation is ISO 27001 certified. This certification relies heavily on a good Information Security Management System (ISMS). We can offer you an ISMS based on ISO2Handle. This gives you the assurance of continuity and makes the ISMS easy to maintain. We provide standard content so that you can get off to a flying start. Together we adapt it to your specific situation to achieve the required certification.

ISO 27701 certificering (privacy, GDPR/AVG)

ISO 27701 is the privacy module on top of the ISO 27001 standard that deals with information security. In this way you can show that you comply with the GDPR/AVG.

NEN 7510 / 7512 / 7513 (informatiebeveiliging in de zorg)

NEN 7510 is a derivative of the ISO 27001 standard and focuses on healthcare. Our ISMS can support multiple standards, ensuring the coherence between the standards. If you adjust a control for a standard, it is automatically included in another standard where this control also applies. This saves time and prevents duplication.

The Baseline Information Security Government (BIO) 

The Baseline Information Security Government (BIO) is a Dutch standard and describes the interpretation of the ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 for the government. An ISO certification can be a prelude to government organisations having to comply with the BIO.

Our approach

The preparation

First of all, we determine the principles and scope of the certification in an intake interview with your organisation.

Phase 1: free baseline measurement

During this baseline measurement, we carry out a Fit-Gap analysis to determine where you are now. This Fit-Gap analysis can generally be started within 14 days. 

During this baseline measurement, you get an idea of what the certification means for your organisation. You will also gain insight into our working method. 

Based on the information from the Fit-Gap analysis, we will make you an offer for the follow-up process. Size of the organisation, complexity of ICT and type of business also determine the time to be spent

Phase 2: Implement, set up and/or fill ISMS.

In this phase, we set up an ISMS for you on the basis of ISO2Handle and provide a standard set-up with all ISO documentation and other (relevant) background documentation. We then fill the ISMS with the documentation and information that is already present within your organisation. The dashboard then shows what is already good, what can be improved and what is still missing. 

If you have your own ISMS, we can offer support in setting up and completing the content. 

Phase 3: Guidance towards ISO certification

For the guidance you have 3 options:

Do it yourself

Do everything yourself and only provide support for specific issues where you do not have the expertise. We work on the basis of a strip card. This way, you are in control of our efforts.


You take on some of the tasks and let us help you move quickly and effectively towards certification. We provide templates that are then pragmatically tailored to your organisation. The form of deployment and who does what will be determined together with you.


You outsource most activities to Securesult and we make sure that you pass the certification.

So there is always a form that suits you best.

The certification

Our auditor performs a pre-audit to determine whether everything is in order. An independent and accredited auditor then conducts the certification audit.

Limited action: Free ISO 27001 workshop

Experienced auditors and consultants from Securesult guide you to ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and/or NEN7510 certification.


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