In recent years, many organisations have transitioned to cloud infrastructure and services in a variety of platforms. Traditional security infrastructures are struggling to deal with the potential risks of technological advancements. Securesult provides efficient security solutions and assists with securing Cloud Computing Services.

Securesult is a Leader in Cloud Security Domain

Data security in the cloud has become a necessity in every organization. Our team specializes in a variety of technological solutions, and promises to implement the best and safest solutions for our clients. We accompany our clients from the solution planning stages to the full implementation of the process.

Securesult & Orca Security partner together to cover the Netherlands region

Provide instant-on security and compliance for AWS, Azure, and GCP without the gaps in coverage, alert fatigue, and operational costs of agents or sidecars. Simplify cloud security operations with a single CNAPP platform for workload and data protection, cloud security posture management, vulnerability management, and compliance. Orca Security prioritises risk based on the severity of the security issue, its accessibility, and business impact. This helps you focus on the critical alerts that matter most. Orca Security is trusted by global innovators, including Databricks, NCR, Autodesk, Lemonade, and Gannett. 
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