Traditional Application Security Testing isn’t keeping up and focuses on detecting known vulnerabilities. Legacy tools rely on a heuristics-based approach and lengthy and costly manual testing for finding new issues. This doesn’t scale and results in substantial delays to remediation, putting your business at risk. 

Securesult is a Leader in Dynamic Application Security Testing Domain

A comprehensive Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) solution that fully automates AppSec testing at scale, allowing organisations of all sizes to stay ahead of even the most ruthless of hackers is necessity in every organisation. Our team specialises in a variety of technological solutions, and promises to implement the best and safest solutions for our clients. We accompany our clients from the solution planning stages to the full implementation of the process.

Securesult & Bright Security partner together to cover the Netherlands region

Bright is a developer-first Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) scanner, enabling security testing automation to be led by engineering teams, automated across CI/CD pipelines, to detect and fix security issues early and often on every build, so you can deliver secure applications and APIs. Fast.
Test your webapps, Single Page Applications, microservices, internal apps and APIs (REST, SOAP, GraphQL and Websockets) with unrivalled vulnerability test coverage, including Business Logic Security Testing.
With NO false positives, every security finding is automatically validated, removing the need for manual validation, saving appsec teams time while maximising developer adoption to enhance DevSecOps and shift-left.