Data Protection Officer

As an organisation, you have a duty to appoint a data protection officer (DPO) if you are a public authority or body. If your core activities require regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects on a large scale. And if your core activities involve large scale processing of special categories of personal data and data relating to criminal convictions. 

You might find yourself temporarily without a DPO, or you might not yet have or want a structural, internal solution for this.  

We provide you with an external DPO: a DPO as a service. The DPO role will be fulfilled by one of Privacy Company’s senior consultants with DPO experience. This person will be registered as a DPO in the register of the Data Protection Authority. 

We deliver:  
An external Data Protection Officer (DPO) to act as the internal supervisor for your organisation as required by the GDPR. 
The DPO has an independent role and can report directly to the highest management level. 
The DPO will advise where requested with regard to data protection impact assessments and compliance requirements and obligations.