Securesult is a cybersecurity consultancy firm that brings deep DevSecOps experience and cutting-edge tools to your software security challenges.

Our deep understanding draws on years of real-world DevSecOps expertise, proven to dramatically help organisations of all sizes improve their software security posture and reduce vulnerabilities. 


In today’s dynamic threat landscape, navigating the intricacies of DevSecOps can feel like an overwhelming or unachievable task. However, our team of consultants leverage years of experienced, providing tailored solutions that dramatically enhance your organisation’s security posture. Whether you’re a nimble startup or an established leader, we equip your development teams with the tools and knowledge they need to seamlessly integrate security at every stage of the software lifecycle.

Why Securesult? 

Securesult is more than just a cybersecurity consultancy; we’re your strategic partner in achieving DevSecOps excellence. Our seasoned specialists are armed with years of real-world experience and cutting-edge tools, and knowledge of the full spectrum of software security challenges that enable us to elevate your security posture. We support organisations in the implementation and improvement of effective software development and management processes.

As a result, our clients will see a dramatic reduction in their vulnerability footprint, with robust software and applications, and a newfound confidence in their evolving digital ecosystem. We help our clients to become independent in their cybersecurity resilience goals, performing security testing and workshops that empower confidence. Our coaching process ensures measures are implemented in the software selection and development phase, and in the management phase. If software is developed outside the organisation, we also support the management of the supplier/chain partner.

Experienced consultants

Our consultants speak the language of security management and development teams, allowing us to bridge the gap between various disciplines.

Collaborative approach

We translate security and privacy policies into usable requirements for software developers and IT administrators.

Fast response

With speed and flexibility, our experts are available at short notice, giving you quick access to security capacity and knowledge.

Regulatory compliance

We use industry standards such as ISO 27001, BIO, NEN 7510, NCSC guidelines, CIS, NIST, OWASP, CVE, and more.

Partnership and knowledge transfer

We believe cybersecurity shouldn’t be an afterthought or outsourced burden.

It belongs at the heart of your organisation, actively embraced, and owned by your people. However, knowledge is key to unlocking this potential.

Therefore, we champion collaborative partnerships and prefer on-site engagements. This fosters direct interaction between your team and ours, enabling seamless knowledge transfer and immediate feedback. By observing our security and privacy experts in action, your employees gain valuable insights into risk landscapes, IT system vulnerabilities, and our professional perspective.

The benefits extend beyond your organisation. As your security maturity advances, so does that of your supply chain and customers. This collaborative approach elevates the overall security landscape, fostering a more resilient and secure ecosystem for all.

Partner with Securesult and embark on a transformative journey towards resilient software security, one secure step at a time. 

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