Information Security Management System (ISMS)

Securesult helps clients achieve and sustain regulatory compliance requirements as the outcome of a well-designed and executed cyber function according to DNB, GDPR, BIO, NEN 7150 or other regulations / mandatory frameworks. In order to become compliant and continuously improve your information and cyber security you need to manage processes that facilitate this. These combined processes are the Information Security Management System (ISMS). An ISMS is often facilitated within a software solution like ISO2handle which Securesult is partnered with. 

If you want to become certified you’ll need a functioning ISMS which has been in operation for 3 months. Implementing an ISMS is a job that requires continuing commitment and expertise. This is why we accompany our clients from the planning stages to the full implementation and certification. 

During our time with you we like to make use of the systems, tools, frameworks and methodologies that are already being used in your organisation. This means we will work with your preferred risk assessment methods or tools for registering incidents and managing processes. This way of working guarantees we deliver a tailor made set of measures that fit seamlessly into your organisation. Thus making it easier to work with.  

Securesult is a Leader in Management Systems domain

The ISMS is a governance solution that ensures you are in control of your organization’s security. The ISMS is a tool that ensures that your documents and evidence are gathered into one system for a smooth audit and certification to any of the information security standards.

Securesult & ISO2HANDLE partner together to cover the Netherlands region

ISO2HANDLE is management system software for managing and administering certifications, guidelines and processes. It combines Quality Management, Risk Management, Issue Management and Information Management. All cleverly integrated. The platform is easy to use and any organisation can set up a complete ISMS within a short time with this unique governance tool.

Available Management Systems

Information Security ISO 27001:2013/17
nformation Security NIST CSF 1.1
Information Security Dutch Government BIO
Information Security National Healthcare Netherlands NEN 7510:2017
Business Continuity ISO 22301:2019
Risk Management ISO 27005:2018
Privacy Information ISO 27701:2019
Privacy Information NIST PF
Quality ISO 9001:2015
Safety ISO 45001:2018
Integration with mapping available for EIOPA Bos 20/600, DNB, DORA, CCM V4 & CIS V8