Our penetration tests are designed to help organisations identify and fix security vulnerabilities before they are exploited by an attacker.

As the cyber threat landscape continuously changes and grows in sophistication, new vulnerabilities are surfacing each day. By conducting regular penetration tests, organisations can stay ahead of the curve and protect their systems and data from attack.

At Securesult, our team of experienced ethical hackers provide a range of pen test options to cater to your organisation’s individual requirements. We offer our clients customised reports that detail our findings, and support in prioritising remediation efforts to strengthen your security posture.

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Why Securesult?

Securesult offer a variety of pen testing techniques to maximise the discovery of exploitable vulnerabilities.

Our ethical hackers identify weak spots in a variety of computer systems, including web applications, wireless, network services, mobile applications, and physical assets.

Experienced & certified 

Our fully certified ethical hackers are equipped with deep knowledge and expertise, offering support for organisations who are looking to address their vulnerabilities. 


Flexible pen testing

We work with our clients to establish the individual needs of their organisation, customising our pen tests to give the most thorough overview of their unique risk landscape.

Deep risk insight

Once complete, the results of your pentest will give a thorough insight into the vulnerabilities within your IT system(s), enabling your organisation to remediate risks before a breach occurs.


Proven approach

Our pen tests are based on international standards, providing organisations with a targeted analysis of their vulnerabilities, and a clear and practical roadmap to cyber maturity. 

Pen test options 

Agile pen testing

Agile penetration testing is a software testing practice that is conducted throughout the software’s development process. During the evolutionary phase of an application or system, agile pen testing provides a programmatic way to unearth and remediate potential risks and is recommended for early insight and identification of vulnerabilities.

Compliance pen testing

Compliance pen testing identifies and resolves security vulnerabilities, enabling organisations to avoid the penalties associated with non-compliance. We protect systems and sensitive data from unauthorised access, modification, or destruction, helping to meet regulatory standards.

Continuous pen testing

We offer continuous pen testing through automated scanning tools to provide regular identification of potential vulnerabilities. This method gives organisations a steady insight into their threat exposure – and for additional resilience – we provide the option of in-house CISO support.


Our approach 


Before testing, we conduct an intake interview with your organisation to agree the starting points and the scope of each project. In this phase, we gather information about the systems and applications being tested, such as IP addresses, network ports, and operating systems, and gain an understanding of network infrastructures, security policies, and user permissions.


Our penetration tests are carried out internally to simulate an attack against an organisations on-premises systems and networks. By carrying out our testing on-site, we gain an accurate overview of an organisation’s security posture and can identify and fix security vulnerabilities before they are exploited.


After testing, results are provided in an official report detailing the systems and applications that were tested, the vulnerabilities that were identified, and the level of severity of each risk. Each report is given an executive summary and outlines our recommendations on how to remediate the discovered risks.


White, grey, & black box pen testing

Our clients are offered a variety of different pen testing options to suit their unique requirements. White, grey, or black box pen tests are each differentiated by the level of information needed to perform the test.

White box testing

White box – also referred to as ‘crystal’ or ‘oblique’ – is the most comprehensive penetration testing option

It requires the disclosure of all target system information, and full access to the organisation’s network. This allows our pentesters to simulate a real-world attack and identify all potential vulnerabilities in the system.


Grey box testing

Grey box pen testing is offered as a middle ground between white and black.

Our ethical hackers are provided with some information about the target system, such as the IP address, network ports, documentation, and credentials. This allows us to identify some of the potential vulnerabilities in the system, and to what extent an attacker could gain unauthorised access to the organisation’s IT environment.

Black box testing

During a black box pen test, our team is provided with little or no information about the organisation’s network.

This is similar to a hacker trying to get into the network from the outside. This option is often used to explore if it is possible to bypass a login procedure from the outside.

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