When it comes to information security, pentesting is one of the most important and effective measures you can take to protect your company’s data. But what if you’re not sure what type of pentest you need? Here are 5 different types of pentest, and when each might be most appropriate.

1. Web Application Security Pentest

Web app pentests are an ethical hacking exercise where we stage a hacker-style attack on your web applications in order to detect and analyze any security vulnerabilities that could be exploited by real attackers.

The main goal is help you understand the strength or resilience against cyberattacks; achieving this requires emulating TTPs from past attacks as well as analyzing current threats faced with similar tactics used during those same exercises so they can better prepare themselves should anything happen again!

2. Cloud Security Pentest

You may be reading this because you are considering migrating your business or have already done so. And why wouldn’t you? Cloud-based applications and services offer a lot of advantages in terms cost, flexibility & scalability .

The only thing standing between us now is security concerns about our data being stored on someone elses servers–which means we’re entrusting them with its protection! But even though most major cloud providers adhere strictly to regulations surrounding privacy issues (and make sure no mistakes happen), there’s always room for concern when dealing outside those boundaries.

The importance of conducting regular cloud penetration tests cannot be understated. Without this simulated cyber attack against your system, you could potentially leave yourself vulnerable to real-life attacks and data loss that would cost both time/money in order fix the problem afterwards!

cloud security pentest
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3. Mobile App Security Pentest

With the growing number of smart devices in our world, mobile apps have become increasingly popular. These problem-solving applications make many tasks quicker and easier but come at a cost – they also bring security concerns with them!

Mobile app pentesting is an assessment process where simulated attacks are conducted on your application to identify any potential vulnerabilities before release so that these issues can be fixed as quickly as possible.

4. Network Security Pentest

In the current age, almost all businesses are shifting online. With this comes the increased risk of cyber-attacks. No matter how big or small your organization is, if you have an online presence, you are at risk of being targeted by hackers. This is where network security pentesting comes in.

Network pentesting is the process of simulating a hacker-style attack on your network assets to detect and exploit security misconfiguration, network vulnerabilities, and threats like open ports, vulnerable devices, or outdated software running on the network.

A network pentest is a simulation of a real-world cyber attack. Its goal is to find security weaknesses in a network and help the target organization improve its defenses against such threats.

security pentest
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5. API Security Pentest

APIs are the backbone of how many applications communicate with each other. But like any software, they’re not perfect and can have security vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to get access into your data or take over accounts on behalf of their victims!

That’s why it is important for companies doing business online (and especially those who provide APIs) must implement strong protections against these sorts attacks by performing “API Penetration Testing.” This process involves trying out different ways an attacker might try exploiting a weakness to see if there really aren’t more serious problems being overlooked when you

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