Securesult’s in-house experts offer clients cybersecurity operational support, empowering them with a broader perspective on security, with an emphasis on the role of people in achieving success.

Our team of certified penetration testers, SOC analysts, SIEM specialists, and cybersecurity engineers are here to help you improve and maintain your cybersecurity posture and defences, with specialist pen tests, vulnerability management, automated SOC/SIEM solutions, and incident investigation.

We support our clients in improving and maintaining their cybersecurity defences by offering proactive consultation and guidance in security and vulnerability assessments, pentesting, incident response, and security training and awareness. With our support, organisations can protect their systems, networks, and data, preventing incidents and minimising the impact if a breach occurs 

Why Securesult?

Experienced & certified consultants

Our highly experienced and qualified consultants have a deep understanding of security management, allowing us to provide extensive support in security and vulnerability assessments, training and awareness, security consulting, implementation, and management, penetration testing, and incident response.

We work with our clients to establish their unique cybersecurity operational needs, covering every aspect of their people, processes, and technology.


Guided by individual needs

We ensure that our services and support are tailored to our client’s unique needs, ensuring all operations meet their specific challenges and requirements.

Using advanced analytics, we provide clients with a holistic view of their current risk profile, integrating human, procedural, and technical aspects to accurately measure their security posture. With a core focus on business acceleration and transformation, we work directly with clients to establish a plan of action and roadmap for improved cyber hygiene that enables their organisation to withstand the ever-increasing frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks.  

Our approach 


We work with our clients to establish the individual needs of their organisation, customising our pen tests to give the most thorough overview of their unique risk landscape.

We provide organisations with a variety of pentesting options, including Agile (a software testing practice that is conducted throughout the software’s development process), Compliance (identifies and resolves security vulnerabilities, enabling organisations to avoid non-compliance penalties), and Continuous (a steady insight into threat exposure using automated scanning tools). Our clients can decide the level of information they wish to provide by selecting white, grey, or black box testing.

Incident Investigation

In the unfortunate event that a breach does occur, our certified cybersecurity and digital forensic experts are on hand to help you investigate and get your business back up and running quickly, and with minimal losses.

If your organisation has fallen victim to a data breach, ransomware attack, social engineering scam, malware attack, or any other cyberattack, our CIR team can provide a complete, coordinated investigation, identifying the root cause, and enabling the recovery of data and affected systems. Our team will offer guidance on existing security controls, or the implementation of new measures to prevent future attacks.

Automated SOC/SIEM Solutions & Support

Securesult offers clients specialist support in the prevention of cyberattacks and data breaches with full-time, professional, Security Operations Centre (SOC) capabilities.

Our innovative technology reports vulnerabilities and weaknesses in IT infrastructure, enabling clients to take responsibility for the protection of not only their data, but that of their clients and third parties, meeting the requirements of standards like BIO, BIC, and ISO 27001, and GDPR law. We also offer organisations Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) support for a complete overview of activity within their systems and networks, enabling the identification and response to security threats quickly, and efficiently.


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