With Attack Path Management, you can continuously see your hybrid network through the eyes of an attacker and spot attacks before they happen. Reduce your internal attack surface by uncovering hidden attack paths across cloud and on-prem networks. Cut them off at key junctures. And eradicate risk with a fraction of the effort.

Securesult is a Leader in Attack Path Management Domain

Cyber risk is an ever present and ever growing and adapting field of international threat actors. To defend against this you need solid risk based solutions at your fingertips. Securesult can deliver just this. Together we will identify and prioritize your cyber security tasks and implement fitting solutions and processes. We accompany our customers from the solution planning stages to the full implementation of the process. This way you’ll know that when we are done you’ll have risk based security solutions and our experts to fall back on.

Securesult & XM Cyber partner together to cover the Netherlands region

XM Cyber is leader in Attack Path Management providing continuous and safe attack modeling across networks. With the XM Cyber Attack management platform, you can disrupt Multiple attack paths with strategic fixing of just a few choke points. By adding the adversarial context layer, you can prioritize high impact risk and fix what matters first. Delivered via SaaS platform for the first time to value XM Cyber offers the most cost effective and fast, Prioritized risk mitigations. 
See all the ways in. 
So you can keep them all out. 
See All Ways. 
XM Cyber is changing the way organizations approach cyber risk.