Securesult is a cybersecurity consultancy firm specialising in helping organisations to successfully implement effective business continuity management plans.

Our consultants understand the devastating impact cyberattacks can have on an organisation, and work with clients to implement comprehensive BCM plans that mitigate the change and impact of an attack.

Following a disruptive event, organisations can suffer an interruption to operations, damage to reputation, and often catastrophic financial losses. With a well-made business continuity management (BCM) plan, an organisation can return to business as usual with minimal losses in the event of an attack. By incorporating an effective Incident Preparation strategy, organisations can identify, prevent and prepare for potential incidents, protect themselves from unexpected events, and ensure their long-term success.

At Securesult, our team of experienced consultants can help you to develop and implement a complete BCM program and Incident Preparation strategy that meets the individual needs and requirements of your organisation.

Why Securesult?

Securesult is one of the leading information security companies in The Netherlands. We believe in enabling organisations to become as independent as possible in their long-term cybersecurity goals and work with our clients to understand how they can prevent new vulnerabilities. Our advanced technological solutions, professional services, and expert consultants help organisations to prepare for and mitigate cyber threats, whilst also being on hand to support should the worst happen.

Our consultants have a deep understanding of BCM and Incident Preparation. We have extensive experience in helping organisations to develop and implement effective programs that can reduce financial losses, protect reputation, maintain customer confidence, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

We take a holistic approach and recognise that BCM is not just about IT systems, but also people, processes, and facilities. We work with our clients to develop programs that address all these areas and are committed to providing a personalised service. We take the time to understand our clients’ specific needs and develop strategies that are tailored to those needs.

Securesult consultants help organisations to test their BCM plans and Incident Preparation strategies regularly, and if the worst does happen, we are on hand to help respond to and recover from disruptions quickly and efficiently.

Our BCM approach 

Our consultants work with organisations to implement BCM plans that will ensure that they can continue to operate should a disruptive incident occur.

We use a proven methodology that utilises industry standards such as ISO 22301 and best practices while addressing legal and regulatory requirements such as NIS2.



We work closely with your organisations stakeholders to develop plans tailored to your specific environment. Our plans include risk assessments, business impact analysis, recovery strategies, communication plans, and plans for testing and maintenance.


We identify and assess your organisations cybersecurity risks and develop recovery strategies that are appropriate for each. This assessment will identify critical business processes and supporting assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts.


Securesult works with your organisation to implement BCM plans in a phased manner, so that you can begin to benefit as soon as possible. This can include implementing technical controls, developing training programs, and creating documentation.

Our Incident Preparation approach

We help our clients to implement Incident Preparation strategies that enable them to respond to and recover from incidents quickly and effectively.

Our knowledge and expertise in disaster recovery solutions, privacy, and security help you to take the right approach to keeping your business safe.


Our consultants help you to develop and implement tailored Incident Preparation plans, identifying the roles and responsibilities of key personnel, the steps that will be taken to respond to and recover from an incident, and the communication plan that will be used to keep stakeholders informed.


We integrate Incident Preparation planning with other BCM activities, such as risk assessment and business impact analysis to identify cyber risks and to develop a comprehensive understanding of your environment. The risk assessment will identify critical assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts.


We work with you to test your Incident Preparation strategies regularly, ensuring that they are effective and that any gaps in the plan are identified, enabling you to respond effectively in the event of an incident. These tests are conducted in a variety of ways, such as tabletop exercises, simulations, and full-scale exercises. 

Business Continuity Management and Incident Preparation are essential for any organisation looking to protect themselves from the impact of cyber incidents.

Having effective strategies in place can add significant value to a business, reducing financial losses, improving resilience, increasing employee confidence, protecting reputation, maintaining customer confidence, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Securesult can help you to develop and implement a comprehensive BCM program and Incident Preparation strategy that meets your specific needs and requirements. We offer a free consultation to discuss your needs and answer any questions you may have.


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