Securesult works with clients to provide an understanding of their human risk, increasing competency and securing routine behaviours and culture.

Our team are here to help you gain a holistic view of human-related risk throughout your organisation by working with you to identify your specific needs, challenges, and goals.

Securesult supports organisations in understanding the importance of addressing their human risk. We work with clients to create tailor-made security awareness, behaviour, and culture programs driven by the comprehensive understanding of their maturity across people, processes and technology.   

Human-centric approach

Humans play a central role in your organisation’s security. From technology decisions, risk prioritisation, processes, and the management of sensitive data – everything revolves around the actions, decisions and attitudes of people. Our human-centric approach empowers organisations to proactively address human risk and improve their security culture. 

Your security culture

Our service spans Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC), CyberOps, and technology solutions, to give a clear understanding of your security culture across employees, management, and partners. With our support, organisations can address their complete spectrum of human-related risks and security challenges, enabling the behavioural change needed to strengthen their security posture.  

Assess your human-related risk

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Why Securesult?

Experienced & certified consultants

Our highly experienced and qualified consultants have a deep understanding of security management, allowing us to effectively assess the maturity levels of human risk, and develop comprehensive maturity models. Whether integrating existing models or creating new, our approach enables a holistic assessment of maturity, encompassing people, processes, and technology.  

Data driven

Our approach is driven by data, enabling us to identify an organisations human risk awareness, behaviour, and culture. Based on behavioural science, our advanced analytics allow us to provide clients with a holistic view of their current risk profile, integrating human, procedural, and technical aspects to accurately measure their security posture.  


Guided by individual needs

We provide organisations with tailor-made, risk-based programs that meet their individual needs and challenges, offering either a dedicated Human Risk Officer, or Human Risk Management as a Service on a project basis. We support clients with advice, baseline/delta measurements, and targeted training.


Coaching for leadership

We act as independent advisors, providing confidential coaching for leadership teams. Empowering management, we co-create tailormade programs and provide meaningful reports, training, and guidance, enabling them to lead future intervention to influence and motivate safe, risk aware behaviours throughout their organisation.  

Our approach 

Strategy development

We conduct initial meetings with our clients, working with leadership teams to bring awareness of their risks. We leverage the OutThink platform to measure risk and identify the appropriate intervention needed to facilitate secure routines. Our team provides cloud workshops, leadership workshops, and one-to-one coaching, measuring progress for a tailor-made security awareness, behaviour, and culture program, and roadmap to resilience.

Baseline assessment & delta measurements

We gather the information we need for a comprehensive view of an organisation’s human risk, by performing in-depth behavioural interviews, culture and knowledge surveys, policy reviews, (spear) phishing assessments, mystery guesting, vishing, smishing, and physical assessments. We then combine multiple sources such as technical assessments, pen tests, SOC info, and incidents to give us a holistic view of the organisation’s security posture.

Board room awareness sessions

These sessions are designed to increase awareness at boardroom level. Here, we dicuss the technical and organisational security aspects of human risk and the impact this has on business continuity. We provide guidance on how to manage those risks and empower management by co-creating a tailor-made cybersecurity strategy, plan, and roadmap, balancing people, process, and technology.

Strategy workshops

During our workshops, we collaborate with our clients to develop a Security Awareness Strategy. We use this to inform and enable a program and roadmap for our clients. Over time, the existing programs are enhanced based on the results of baseline and delta measurement reports. Our workshops are fun and interactive, and include table-top crisis games, questionaires, interviews, phishing tests, purple teaming, escape rooms, story driven presentations, and more.

Continuous improvement

We provide ongoing support and training updates to reinforce positive security behaviors, and regularly update and upgrade training content based on emerging threats and industry best practices. We monitor and analyze data-driven outcomes to quantify the impact of our programs on the organisation’s security posture.

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