Securesult works with clients who are looking for a clear perspective of their organisations culture and awareness around cybersecurity, supporting them in achieving cyber resilience.

Our team of experienced consultants are on hand to help you address the increasing sophistication and frequency of cyberattacks, so that your organisation can assess and plan against data breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage.

Comprehensive understanding

Securesult supports organisations in understanding the processes and behaviours that protect systems, networks, and data from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction, with specialist consultation and training.

Our advisory services enable a comprehensive understanding of the changing cyber threat landscape, a clear insight into your organisation’s cybersecurity awareness and behaviours, and the steps needed to improve your security culture and proactively address your exposure to cyber threat. 

Reduced risk

By understanding the threats and taking steps to protect themselves, organisations can reduce the risk of their systems, networks, and data being compromised.

Cybersecurity awareness and behaviour improves the security culture within an organisation, and with our support, clients gain a clear perspective of how their human behaviours directly impact the safety of their systems, networks, and data. With an improved culture and awareness of the behaviours that expose them to cyber threat, our clients are more productive and less likely to make mistakes that could lead to a cyberattack.  

Sustain regulatory compliance

Our guidance and support enables a culture that is in line with cybersecurity best practices, allowing organisations to achieve and sustain regulatory compliance according to NIS2, WBNI, DNB GDPR, BIO, NEN 7150, ISO 27001, and other regulatory frameworks.

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Why Securesult?

Securesult offer a variety of pen testing techniques to maximise the discovery of exploitable vulnerabilities.

Our ethical hackers identify weak spots in a variety of computer systems, including web applications, wireless, network services, mobile applications, and physical assets.

Experienced & certified consultants

Our highly experienced and qualified consultants have a deep understanding of security management, allowing us to effectively assess the maturity levels of risk awareness and behaviour, and develop comprehensive maturity models. Whether integrating existing models or creating new, our in-house experts possess extensive knowledge in the assessment of people, processes, and technology.

Data driven

Our approach is driven by data, enabling us to identify an organisations cyber risk awareness, behaviour, and culture. Based on behavioural science, our advanced analytics allow us to provide clients with a holistic view of their current risk profile, integrating human, procedural, and technical aspects to accurately measure their security posture.  


Guided by individual needs

We provide organisations with tailor-made, risk-based programs and services that meet their individual needs and challenges, with a focus on business acceleration and transformation. We support clients with baseline/delta measurements around awareness, behaviours, and culture, provide advice tailored to their organizational needs, and offer targeted training


Coaching for leadership

We act as independent advisors, providing confidential coaching for C-Level executives. Our goal is to guide clients on how to create awareness, motivate their employees, and influence and improve the security culture within their organisations. We empower leadership teams, co-creating tailor made programs, and provide meaningful reports, training, and guidance, enabling them to lead future intervention for an improved culture of cybersecurity throughout their organisation  

Our approach 

Human risk management

Securesult supports organisations in understanding the importance of addressing their human risk. We work with clients to create tailor-made security awareness, behaviour, and culture programs driven by the comprehensive understanding of their maturity across people, processes and technology.

Security culture workshops

We act as independent advisors, providing confidential coaching for leadership teams with fun and interactive workshops. Our goal is to inform and enable a Security Awareness program and roadmap for our clients that empowers management, enabling them to lead future intervention that influences and motivates safe, risk aware behaviours throughout their organisation.


Our e-learning partner platform is designed to raise awareness among leadership and employees about information security risks, providing guidance on secure behaviours and the safe implementation of new technology and processes. We address the specific challenges faced by each client, helping to mitigate information security risks, reduce human error, promote secure behaviours, and comply with relevant standards and regulations.

Attack simulations & tabletop exercises

Our fun and interactive attack simulations and tabletop exercises promote a culture of security throughout the client’s organisation. These exercises include table-top crisis games, questionaires, interviews.

Phishing campaigns

Our CyberOps team develops and executes interactive intervention and coaching sessions with social engineering tests such as spear phishing tests, vishing simulations, and mystery guesting to assess the effectiveness of Security Awareness programs. This enables us to track and measure knowledge levels and behaviour changes whilst providing awareness training to new employees, contractors, and third-party vendors.

Gamification/escape rooms
We gain a holistic view of an organisations security culture by working with our partners to obtain a GRC Baseline/Delta Measurement and CyberOps measurement. We do this with tailor-made training and specific interventions designed to address an organisation’s unique human risk challenges, using gamification and interactive exercises such as VR games, purple teaming, escape rooms, story driven presentations, and more.

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